Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Daddy's Diary.

     She said: "Wake up!" I heard it somewhere afar, I opened my eyes and she continued: " My water broke" it felt like a bucket of ice-water over me, that grabbed me by the collar and hit me against the wall a few times. Now I'm awake even if I slept for 2 hours in last 24. Wait,... but it's October 19th doctors said it's gonna be 20th, I thought I had another day to prepare myself and here it is, I'm standing by the sink drinking water trying to digest the news of course already googling what to do next, some saying not to rush, others saying to rush to the hospital ASAP. 12 hours later we were on our way to the hospital, I'm driving like a turtle thinking how could 7+ months fly by so fast? It seemed like yesterday we were crying over 2 pregnancy tests scared and happy. Everything from there was getting scarier and scarier and just a few words "we gonna make it through" we always do no matter what.  

 Our little Tigger is 6 months

After watching "business of being born" movie we decided NO drugs NO painkillers, just the old-fashion way. Here is your last traffic-light, I've been here many times, but I still looked around to make sure we are in the right place. Hospital places we all "love" and we rushed in, they gave us a bunch of paperwork like we were buying a car, not having a baby, but as I noticed after, we had plenty of time to do that quite a few times. We took our sits filling them (papers) up, the room filled with pregnant women (and their kids) and it was so quiet maybe these women were here every week? I felt like I was the only one freaking out inside my brain.  What time is it? I asked myself, and you know we all have a voice inside, at that point I felt like I had 10 and none of them voices wanted to sleep. Okay, it's still 5:45 pm why time is so slow, I thought that I'm gonna be a dad in a few hours, how naive of me, it took us another 12hours.

almost 8 months, meeting with the mighty ocean. 

                      You know, we all become memories at some point in other people's life, so whatever you do try to make it a good one. These words follow me all the time and I think there are more people that smile rather than get sad when they hear my name. But this post is not about me at all. It all started when... I don't know when, it just feels like it always been like that or just started, you know I think it happens almost in every young couple's life when you both say "we are not ready" and you make a list of excuses and it's never ending, you scratch one line and 2 more appear. Now every time we get to talk about those times we think how could we live without this lil'guy. The whole idea of being a dad scared me, why?  Because I feel like a kid myself. I think the expression "stop being a kid" is just so wrong. Still, all I had to do is just be there, the hardest job was on her, and that's where it was scariest, the idea of being useless when you can't really help or relieve the pain. When all you can do is yell the count 1,...2,...3,... and scream with her, so she won't disconnect from this world, watching Cardiotocography noticing how she steps into the hell and back, yet his heart beats like music to my ears and you implore her to PUSH realizing that she has no strength, but somehow she manages to still push. 

First Minutes

First Hours

Next Day

Few days after, I still can't wake up from this dream, I still can't get used to a crying baby, you wake up at night every time you hear a noise just to see that she is already with him, I'm so helpless. Changing a diaper might look like an easy job when she does it. When you do it it's more like quantum mechanics and you have zero knowledge of what is that yet you do it only to see her mad eyes when all the poop came out (ew, I know)
1st Month

First Week

3 months, his eyes, his smell, he even smiles when he sleeps, they say he dreams angels and he does it 19h/day, sometimes you just want to wake him up only to hear his voice. He still looks at you like "Dude, who are you and what are you doing next to my mom?" He loves taking a bath and splashes both of us. 

6 months, he is already standing holding on to his crib trying to bite its edge, we are waiting on his teeth.
Costume that mommy knitted while she was pregnant. 

9 months, Baby Aiden walks now and it feels like a dream, yes - like a dream, mostly, I think it will take a while to get used to a 3rd part of me. While all the memories are so fresh I still can remember how she used to wake me up, getting close to my back with her belly and our lil'guy was kicking me to wake up.

Aiden - 9 months in and 9 months out + 2 of us in summer 2009, same spot at Red Top Mountain, GA
Right now he is running around/behind and screams Da-da-da-da and ma-ma-ma-ma only when he is hungry (true man, right?) when we shop he is in the cart and goes "whoaw", smiling at people and even learn to wave and point with his finger, later on we will have to teach him that's inappropriate, until then that's his way to learn. He takes one of our phones and presses "home" to talk to Siri, but it looks like she always says "Sorry, I didn't get that" apple really has to teach Siri kids language. He takes your finger and forces you to go with him only to helm him point at something he likes, for instance right now he is on my lap and I stopped typing and he takes my finger to press the key for me.
joolgg3z23sd vddeexedfx- that's what he just typed asking for more. You kind of sing "mango-mango, mango-mango" and he starts to dance, it's really funny I tell you.  The best part is that we have so many expectations from and he has almost none back except to be there to wish him "sweet dream" and be there to watch them dreams come true. Happy BirthDay my Boy, I know one day you'll read this. We love you to the moon and back. Always your Mommy and Daddy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Into the Sunset.

Hello, ya all. I feel like everytime I come around these places I need to introduce myself. I'm not gonna do it this time, but it's good to be back for a min. You know when I first started the blog I thought it's gonna be a weekly thing, you know just boredom at work and going back to those times I can't help myself noticing how much has changed. No it's not a "goodbye' not at all you can hold your applause haha.  As I said so much happened and I'm not gonna try to take it were I left it off so there we go.
Beautiful summer and it's perks, while looking at the floating clouds I always thought are they coming or leaving? But in the end that's what makes me stop for  second and enjoy it, while some of you see no difference or maybe never saw a difference in the clouds in once city to another one but I can just because I look up more often than down. Anyways, hows photography? I tell you summer is the easiest time of the year to take pictures. Why? I hope you didn't ask that question we all know how important natural light is, and quite honestly flash is not my (our) best friend rather reflector to tame the light the way I need it and if you can't do it then that's what you need to learn.
Let's face it anyone can set the correct settings and click the trigger and if that's what a photographer is to you then I'm as far as it gets away from it, the real deal is to catch that moment, moment that will take you or the one you took picture of to the place and moment throughout the years. Learn to tell a story, so when people will look at your pictures will feel whatever they see. I'm not saying I'm a pro in it. There is no finish line, honestly. 
Remember I promised you videos a forever ago? Sooooo, here is one (watch it in HD) and yes Aiden grew up so fast he is almost 9 months, he is a better walker now, but this is what we had and he loved the ocean just as much as we do. I'll take my leave my beautiful people, enjoy the other half of your summer, dont forget to hydrate and dont forget that soda and other sugar beverages are not to hydrate and keep your sunscreen near you. I'll see you soon (I hope)  
P.S. Stop by our instargram account @vladdimir and @Mia LaBlondeB  drop a "like" I always try to return one (or two) . Peace.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Buh Bye, 2014...

  Hello everyone, it's been so long I'm wondering if  I shell introduce myself again? Well, call me a stranger if you will. I just felt like writing something and the moment is right so why not, huh? What a year, I mean WOW I hope you had one even better just because you follow my thoughts. Okay so where did I left off? Thinking... shell I mention the weather? Anyways it's great (mostly) but after living in Seattle the rain seems to be part of me (or not) in any case I don't mind it on the other hand. Photography been so great it just sucks I cant show you most of our work but I hope one day you'll get to see it. By the way, if you don't follow me (or Mia)  on instagram please do (@vladdimir and @lablondeb) sometimes a picture can substitute the whole post.  Oh yeah it's time for a picture....Booya

Amazing, isn't it? I tell ya there are so many of them and I'll try to catch up,..one day, someday...anyways.
So I'm a daddy know and a lot of you know that now. It's a great feeling and I will not try to describe it, trust me it's nothing in the world you ever felt especially when that lil'man farts like a grownup heh, I got so many pictures of him (Baby Aiden) again I hope I'll be able to post at least some and soon. Let's continue with the Photography part, I visited so many amazing places   and meet so many awesome people.

  I love this picture of me cough-in-action my left hand automatically wants to adjust the focus on that toy-camera funny moments.

#MiFamilia. The Originals just my older sis  is missing (sadface)
I hear a lot of people talking about their #Resolutions and I'm so sure I'll see twice as much people at my local gym for at least 2 weeks then it's gonna get back to usual, just one thing about it, if you want to do something (new) don't wait for a new year, don't wait for the 1st or THE Monday, hell don't even wait for tomorrow live in the moment go get it. Less war (if no war is possible) more peace, more vegies less meat (if not meat is possible), more smiles and less violence.  I wish ya all a Happy New Year, all the best wishes and regards sending your way. I thank you back for all the wishes and emails I get all the support and I'm sorry sometimes a can't even "like-back" on istagram I'm trying to stay away as far as I can from social media(s) and all the technology around us, excluding work, but I'll try to stay in touch. Grab all the great people into 2015 and all THE unneeded leave in 2014. Party on, be good and be safe.
P.S what started up roughly ended up being the best year of my life.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bye, winter,...and Hello there, sexy spring.

Well hello everyone, guess who is here again? Yeah I know I kind of fell of blogger again, but that's not the case. So what you all been up to? I just hope everyone is just fine, more than that the spring is here or at least on our calendars and in our hearts. Even though half of the US expecting snow storms, you know what they say "help spring to get here, eat more snow" not the yellow one tho =) Moving forward it snowed in Atl this winter more than that it snowed 2 times, HOLY MOLLY it was crazy. Abandoned cars, hit-and-runs, people walking along the side on the highway and yet it was beautiful, you don't get to see snow in Atlanta much/often.    
 I do remember that Tuesday when it started to snow with the big/huge snowflakes and guess what went trough our minds? You are so right, "Let's go get some pictures done" so we jumped in the car without any second thoughts, fools. Still, we made our way towards Atlantic Station to capture that beauty of Downtown Atlanta. Hitting some traffic but thinking it worth it and it took us about 10h to get back, the highway looked like apocalyptic movie of people trying to get out of infected city and us on FWD and still we got stuck on an uphill road and thanks God we didn't hit anyway or got hit either and we had to walk home trough that snow and cold while I was dressed good Mia was on high heels, but she still was walking faster than me and I say it did worth looking at the pictures we manage to take trough that snow. 

  If you follow Mia on instagram or on her BLOG you saw more pictures of what I'm talking about, speaking of photography, be careful with your gear in the cold weather and snow of course. As you can see on the picture there are snow flakes, if you want the same you should use slower shutter speed and the rest is all about you and who/what you take picture of. Again try covering your camera as the snow will melt and you know what gonna happen next. Even your lens might get wet and you don't want that either. Once you back from outside/cold, keep your camera in the bag for an hour or so, then you can use it. 

   As we kiss goodbye to this cold winter looking forward to spring and it's beauty and be sure to capture that. Keep cold outside your hearts and be kind to one another. I'll see you soon.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013s Last Page. New Year's Eve.

  Hello everyone, I know you all though I'm gone and never be back and yet I'm here I'm back for this year's last post. It was fun wasn't it?  And I hope the answer is "Yes". Well to me, it was very delicate, as we moving forward gaining more and more experience and turning our heads back and always smiling. =)
I'm so sorry I kind of abandoned the blog but I promise you that  I'll never give up fueling you with new ideas and updates on what's going on with Night Sky Arts. 
Okay so let's roll. In many parts of the world it's already 2014 but it didn't catch me just yet so I do have some time to express some of my resolutions? if you can call them that way in any case if you remember last years post one of them resolution was getting some video rolling and I think I posted previously a link but as I go about resolutions this year's and last's,..there you have it I didn't fail you.

Hope you like it, we will try to get more of this one it gets warmer here in Atlanta. Now it's cold and not quite as I wished it be. So let me think. I'd say one of the main resolutions is to improve the quality of the pictures and video we provide and I'm sure you will notice the difference I know I can see it from last year's works. In any case since August a lot of things happen and I will tell you about them but once 2014 hits me in the head to remember it. I wish you all a Happy New Year. One and only love. Wealth and time to spend it. Be kind and always respond with kindness to violence we still can fix this world. We'll see you in 2014

Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome Back to School.

  Hello everybody and welcome to our blog. Hope you all doing all right. You know they say August is like a Sunday evening. But don't be sad, summer will be back I promise ya. Now as I look back I came to realize school years were one of the best years of my life, no worries no bill (at least for most of us) all you had to worry about was your homework. I remember coming back from summer break and noticing all the changes in my classmates. Well right now it's kind of hard to see that, everyone is friends online following each other on instagram/twitter.   Don't be sad okay?
  And back to photography,...
Also as I mentioned in my last post we started a new fashion blog and we take a lot of pictures. As soon as we get some spare time to do so of course.
Here is Mia and here Outfit of the Day. To be honest you can put any piece of clothing on her and it will look awesome.
and our new thing,...video or a short movie about how we've done particular photo set.
All right this will conclude your post I hope you had fun and remember don't be sad. I come to your house and your sad I'll be very upset =) Have a great school year boys and gals. Be kind to each other. Peace.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving Forward.

 Hello everybody, welcome to our new post. I hope you folks doing all right it's the weekend! I'm back with more NYC pics more Atl and some desert at the end. It's been a long week Mia and myself started a new blog called "La-Blondebeauty" so we spend most of our time taking pictures with her, you can visit her by following this link. If you are too lazy to do so, worry not I will be posting some of them later next month I think. Okay so back to NYC if you missed it.
Picture taken from "Top Of the Rock". We had a blast to be honest we left it for desert until last day. As you can see breathtaking. I think I was around 8pm if you wondering that's central Park. On the other side you can see the legendary Empire State Building and a small piece of Chrysler Building.
Rockefeller 70th floor not the tallest but the best view in the city. NYC is not always about Skyscrapers you can spend hour walking trough Central Park and to me the view does not get worse. 
Everyone will find something for themselves.

 Hope you could appreciate the beauty of this huge city. Now all of you who been reading the blog for a while now or who just started and even those don't even know how they got here I'd like to thank every single one of you. One year ago I had this crazy idea to start blogging and here one year later I still believe it's crazy at some point but also fun. I met a lot of great people, extracted a ton of experience and looking ahead to a fun new year of blogging. Thanks again for standing on my side. Now what kind of celebration without the cake? Unfortunately all  I can offer you is a picture and you don't have to print it in order to eat. Just look at it and don't forget to share with each other there are thousands of you now. Enjoy!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Atlanta Ferris Wheel

 Welcome everybody,
      Even 2 months didn't pass and I'm writing again. To be honest every time I do write something is because I feel like it for some reason I can't force myself to write or anything else. This time I'm exited to announce that Atlanta got a new attraction. Just like the title stated is a Ferris Wheel...
...it's been open for about a week and when something like this happens we most certainly be there to try it. In this post I mostly will be telling you about our experience. If you ever been to Atlanta it is a good reason to come back to those who never been or always had something better in their mind this will help to make your mind.
Okay so let me start: The wheel is located near Centennial Park in Downtown Atlanta. As you walk in you will not be able to miss it. It's 200 feet (60meters) so if you are afraid of  heights bring an extra set of underwear and some cash of course, it will cost you $13.5 per an adult and $8 per kid for 15minutes. Now we went there on it's second day of operating so I'm sure there will be some new stuff they will add. "Security check point" was on the stair 2 guys scanned you with one of those metal detectors and there you are on your way to the cashier now the cashier is located in one of these cabins it was very difficult to hear them but it's obvious they don't sell hotdogs I just slid my card and showed a "peace" sign meaning 2 peeps I saw her inputting my credit card info into an Iphone  and such then she asked if I needed the recipe, I always do by the way then she gave me that same Iphone asking to input my cellphone nr and they will send it to me via SMS, I guess you can't stop the progress. Anyways some people might be skeptical about this whole process but I'm  cool specially I use a credit card so it's impossible to steel from that.
As you go down the line you will meet great staff that will like your shoes, shades, dresses etc. Also while in the line I noticed a black cabin not like all others stating VIP on it. I asked an employee he explained that it's a VIP cabin (duh) it's $50 per head and you get: double time (30mins), glass bottom, leather sittings and guess what else? 1.2.3,...Champagne of course. Pretty cool if you are trying to impress someone and the view is just gorgeous.
 I think we made whole 4 rotations climbing all over the interior taking pictures and video. I recommend it, go see Atlanta from a new angle and height. 

Thank you for your time I'll see you all soon. Be kind to each other. Peace.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New York, New York. Part 1.

  Hello everyone, I know it's been a while and yet I'm back once more. My apologies for such a huge break but there was so much going on and on the other side we do have tons and by tons I mean TONS of great pictures.  Not sure where to start so I'm just gonna start at some incredible point. Okay so if you follow us on FB, instagram twitter and all of that fun social media (if you are not head that way)  stuff you probably know we visited New York City, the city that never sleeps and the city that don't speak English. In any case it was such an awesome experience.

That moment when you can't stop clicking that trigger watching your memory and battery level. 
Our hotel was up in Bronx if that means anything to you pretty much that's about 40min+  ride which is fine but in future Brooklyn is my side. For the shot above we had to wake up at 4:30am and it totally worth every second. Due to overloaded hard drives and so many pictures that I just can't delete even if they look similar, did you have that feeling before? I guess you did in any case I'm forced to split this topic in a few part please do enjoy part one I'll try to post a few more later next week.

Shooting against the sun might be risky but look at this shot of Manhattan Bridge, I just love it and the weather was so nice to us. We stayed there for 5 night and only sleeping at the hotel. Like 15h per day just out here enjoying the city and our small lil vacation. Until next time. Be kind to each other.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day.

  Hello everybody, it's been a while I know I know it's not like you missed me. Anyways it's Mother's Day  so let me start by congratulating and wishing all the mothers (present and future) a long life full of joy and happiness.
I don't know why I always talk about the weather I guess because using Natural Light is one of my favorite things. Even when my camera is not on me I take pictures with my eyes and put them in my memory to come back to it later on and when it's ugly ouside I can't picture that. At the same time I love the rain and I wish I could take some pictures under pouring rain.
As you probably noticed Piedmon Park is one of my favorite places in Atlanta. They got it all, a lake a nice skyline view. It is hard to shoot against the sun light, so grab a reflector or find some shade. We got lucky to get a sunny day and such a beautiful sky/clouds.
Most of all just have some fun and you will see how great picture come out.

I hope you all have a great Mother's Day. Take pictures, and most of all love each other and respect.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GA Aquarium

  I know I kind of fell off the blogger(.com) and I can't tell I was busy it just happened but We are back this week's or shell I say this month's post is about the fun we had here in Atlanta. So after 2 years living in Key West, FL Atlanta seemed to be a whole diff'rent place. I mean there are plentty places to party, but I miss the water or shell I say the ocean? There are a few places in Atlanta that I just love visiting. One of them and my personal favorite is GA aquarium
If you have never been there I highly recomend it. It's a total new way of looking at the ocean and things that call it home. But if you don't have the opportunity to visit the aquarium or the US in the first place we will try to show you how cool it is.
Now as beautiful as it looks it's painfull to see all that beauty locked up. But I hope they take good care of them.
Now as far as photography goes using flash is not allowed inside the aquarium so if you plan on visiting GA aquarium (or any other aquariums) be ready for a dark ambiance. If you have a good camera don't worry about your ISO, I went up to 1600 with my 5D MKII.

Also keep in mind available light and the crowd as you might experience some issues taking that perfect shot. Take your time.
We also visited CNN Atlanta Headquarters,...but I'll save it for the next time maybe

Like us on facebook,... or not. Keep calm and stay hydrated.